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Sometimes I have to pinch myself when I walk around this beautiful place called Byron Bay. I came here twenty years ago to get away from a busy life in Melbourne where I use to be a mural artist. I had no idea that Byron Bay's natural environment would seep into my soul and inspire me to become the artist I am today. 

I grew up always drawing or painting and at the age 15 years old I enrolled at a TAFE college to pursue Art & Design for two years followed by a graphic design degree at Monash University. My interest at that time was to be an illustrator however after university I diversified my creative interests to become self employed as a mural artist, paint effect specialist and visual merchandiser. 

As an artist today I am devoted to creating art which is a translation of the environment around me and the dialogue I have with nature. This dialogue is a visual tapestry woven together with colour and primitive mark making of stories inspired by nature and our collective dreaming.

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